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Day Operations Assistant Supervisor

Motivate, Develop and Lead as Day Operations Assistant Supervisor with Capitol City Produce!

Position Overview

As Day Operations Assistant Supervisor in our family owned business, you are responsible for directing all activities of the Day Operations shift. Provide additional leadership to the Receiving, Repack, Sanitation, Inventory Control & Quality Assurance departments, and to actively supervise all activities of the shift, to include QA, receiving, repack, inventory control and sanitation. The Day Operations Supervisor will assist the Day Ops manager to develop and implement systems and processes to increase productivity, efficiency and improve employee training to ensure customer satisfaction. Interact with all employees in a positive manner to ensure a positive work environment and increase employee retention.


  • Requires a high school diploma and at least 3 years in a leadership capacity and, or , experience in a warehouse environment.

  • Strong leadership skills and ability to develop accountability systems to achieve high level goals.

  • Excellent computer skills with the ability to analyze data and formulate improvement plans based on results.

  • Must be able to read, write and communicate effectively while using the English language to perform job functions (preferences will be given for special language skills when there is a business need.

  • Must possess the ability to effectively communicate both oral and written.

  • Must be in good physical condition with the ability to walk, push, pull, stoop, climb and lift and minimum of 60 lbs.

  • Must pass a drug and alcohol screen.

  • Ability to apply basic mathematical concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Must have knowledge of weights and measures.

  • Ability to move throughout all areas of the warehouse, receiving area, loading area and parking lot.

  • Ability to wear all necessary personal protective equipment to perform job functions.

  • Stand and/or sit continuously and perform job functions in a full shift with a meal break.

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